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Professional and Outstanding Ideas of our passlonate team makes us unique in every sense.


Owner/Stylist/Barber, has been hairdressing for 24 years, she has owned 2 salons and has taught level 1, 2 and 3 college students at two local colleges in her career to date. She loves her little “home from home” and treats everyone with a welcome smile.


Manager/Stylist/Barber, has been working alongside Jenni at Identity for 9 years. She has been part of the team from the beginning of her apprenticeship and as dedicated all her training to being top her game in ladies colouring. It’s been said many a time “ the salon would fall apart without her!


Beautician/Barber/Stylist, joined the team 3 years ago, she started as our beautician, now fulfils a ladies and gents stylist role. She’s our mother hen, the glue holding tightly run ship together.


Stylist, the baby of the group, joined Identity in Feb 2018 and has made an impact with her huge smile, energy and drive to be – “the best hairdresser on the planet” she’s in our opinion pretty amazing! Watch this space!!

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